Thursday, May 2, 2013

Artist Lecture: Kim Cridler

        Metals artist Kim Cridler, who's work in metals include ornamental rings and large vessels.
First, Ms. Cridler discussed her life in Wisconsin where she taught at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.  She worked with various companies like Kohler Co. and Endres Company. She then explained how Wisconsin influenced the projects she undertook. She showed many works done by here students, but I didn't get the reason behind this. I felt that she was focusing on her student's work more than her own during the lecture.After talking about her student's work, she finally talked about her own personal body of work.  Her work  is mostly about symmetry and and how it is reflected in life. She has a ton of work dealing with vessels that are quit large. All in all her presentation seemed kind of weird at first and made me loose interest because she wasn't talking about her, but towards the end it got better because she showed a lot of her own work and talked about some of the processes she used.

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