Monday, January 28, 2013

Assignment 3 - Write-up

        For this assignment I really wanted to try a replacement animation for the eyes. Before I could do that, I had to find some images of eyes I wanted to use and saved them. I then opened it up in Photoshop and made different layers of the eye in different colors. My challenge was to make the eyes big enough so that they won't be pixelized when I re-position and scale them to fit my character throughout the animation. In class I learned to use the time-remapping tool and the sequence layers option. I applied what I learned to the eyes and I am pretty satisfied about how it turned out. The reason why I chose the eyes was because I think he would look scary with some bulging colored eyes. I plan on making more replacement animations for the character further down the road in this course.

Third Animation with Replacement Animation

PharaohAnimationwitheyes from Justin Taylor on Vimeo.

Replacement animation with eyes

Second Animation Revision

PharaohAnimation1revison1 from Justin Taylor on Vimeo.

On this one I slightly tweaked the animation when he moves down and up. Doesn't move so suddenly.

First Animation

PharaohAnimation1 from Justin Taylor on Vimeo.

Assignment 2 - Write-up

        For this assignment I had to revise my earlier character design to a more simpler form. I had to make sure that all my joints had ways of moving with out looking unnatural. The character idea still involved a Pharaoh and him being dead I just decided to exaggerate him by making him of nothing but bones. My first character people said looked too much like other characters. That is why I went with this different design. After scanning him into the computer I used Illustrator to make up all the parts including anchor points with joints connected. After that, I then imported him into After Effects and made a short animation of him moving across the stage. I think I moved him pretty well for never using this program before.

Assignment 2 - Character Revision and Digitize

First for the sake of being my first time using After Effects, I was informed that I should simplify my character more. So I went with a dead Pharaoh that is nothing but bones and some pieces of clothing.

So out of the pics above this is what I came up with.

Brought it into Illustrator and just gave him some basic colors, a brown for the bones and some African style colors for the headdress and belt.

Assignment 1 - Write-up

          For this assignment I wanted to draw a character that incorporates some things that I am interested in. I wanted to draw a pharaoh and use a kind of style from an anime show called Dragonball Z. Egyptian art is very interesting to me and I first started out drawing Dragonball Z characters, so therefore wanted my character to be of some essence of them. One of my challenges was trying to figure out what I wanted the character to wear. My first approach was to just draw a character, but by looking at the class blog I learned that I had to create joints so that my character could move. Basically I used the advice and created a character out of two things I liked and made joints so that he could move.

Assignment 1 - Create a Character

This was my original character I created to work with After Effects.

Created pieces of my character so that he would be able to move when animated. 

The torso, will not move.