Monday, April 8, 2013

Demo Reel Reviews

Greg Ephraim Director of Photography demo reel

Greg Ephraim Director of Photography demo reel from greg ephraim on Vimeo.

For this reel I really enjoyed it. It was well put together. The music was synced with the video and the transitions for every beat of the song was spot on. The only real problem I had was near the beginning of the piece where he shows a "Levis"piece and it showed the logo, which I think just felt out of place and unnecessary and probably should have cut the scene shorter as in the rest of the video there were no more logos or words being used.

Miguel A. Salek 2009 Reel
I really liked this one a lot because of the effects and animations he showed. I liked how throughout the video he reminded the viewers that he only did the effects and animation parts in the pieces he was showing. The music was synced very well and liked how it showed the emotion of the video as it was being viewed. The only problem I may have is when he shows his name and title. I think he should just have it by itself at the beginning with just a black screen because it gets lost in the video and he should also just have his name and title and not put what revision it is. Last thing I like is how he credits everything at the end.

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