Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Final Project Concept Ideas

For my final project I want to do some Rotoscoping. I plan on basically making a video of a couple of scenes and importing them into Photoshop. Then take my Photoshop files and take them into After Effects and animating pieces. I have a couple of scenes in mind and they are:

  • A scene where I am just walking to my apartment while things come to life.
  • Video the animals around my apartment, then animate their actions.
  • A bird flying and lands and I animate everything.
  • I'm walking and what ever I touch animates.
  • Or video my car normal, then have a scene where I go to sleep, then wake up and look at my car and it is animated, so I go to car and touch it and animate, get inside and go pick up some people which also get animated.
The last idea I think I want to do the most. Rotoscoping is new to me and never done it before but looks very interesting and fun.


  1. Rotoscoping is fun! I am just wondering what you'r content will be. Will there be analog assets in this piece? These ideas are good but I feel like they should be more concrete. I think a drug induced rotoscoping would be funny. These concepts need a point behind them. You should watch "Waking Life" because it might give you ideas.

  2. I agree with Sean. What you have here is a list of ideas that could be interesting in execution, but we need a context for them - something that will guide the process.

  3. Yeah, we really need more of a developed concept for your ideas. I see that you want to animate inanimate objects but come up with a bit more than that. If you're thinking of making a narrative think about what your beginning, middle, and end might look like.

  4. i think Rotoscoping will be challenging and fun. I like the idea of only rotoscoping certain portions of your project, as in the car scene, and when you touch things they come to (animated) life. I think my favorite of the ideas are things you touch come to life, or the idea of taking some footage of the animals you have in your house and then putting them into an animation.

  5. Yeah what they said. I'm interested in that idea where you go to sleep and maybe when you wake up everything is animated, or most things are animated. Throwing your main character into the unknown is always exciting. So what does he do in this new world? Have you seen episodes of cartoons where the character wakes up and time is frozen? And then they go on a hay day. Its like putting Bill Murray in Space Jam, anything can happen.

  6. I really like the idea of the magic animated car and everything it touches becomes animated as well. However, like everyone else mentioned, with all the ideas, more detail is needed to fully develop those concepts. The last two ideas have the most potential in my opinion.

  7. Or maybe the magic is that no matter what you touch things wont stop animating. Like a bad trip or something. That might work since rotoscoping does give of a "trippy" feel at least in the rotoscoping animations I looked at.I think it would be a funny idea to have the main character so stressed out from his mistake and then no matter what he does his world is changing from life to an animation.

  8. This sounds like a good idea. It would be interesting to watch. you should get together your ideas and come up with one idea. your character should explore this new environment and possibly experiment with it as well.