Monday, March 25, 2013

Final Project Script and Concept Art

Below is my concept image. I want to have the main character animated and live in a live world. I changed the story up slightly to make more sense and less complicated as was said it was in class. Basically I have the main character start at home where he just had a party the night before. His friend then calls him up and notifies him of a party later that night. He heads out that night and a series of events happens to him. He eventually makes it to the party but unexpectedly.

ACT 1 -- Pharaoh MC Skel is seating at home after a wild party he just had.
             -  His Phone rings and he picks it up.
             -  His friend tells him to get ready because he has a wild party later that night, and that there will be a female artist he wouldn't want to miss there.
             -  He receives a text messages with the address and directions on how to get there.
             -  Since the party is way across town, he decides to drive there.
             - Later that night he gets into his car a nice spanking new grey mustang leaves.

ACT 2 -- All of the sudden he sees flashing lights behind him and notices its the police, so he pulls over unknowingly in front of a dog shelter.
             - The police officer tells him that he is in the wrong time period and is not registered nor has a license so is there for going to take his car from him and leave him with a warning.
             - Now he is left stranded with no car and no phone as it was left in the car. 
             - The dogs are all excited, and suddenly get loose, then start to chase after MC Skel.

ACT 3 -- Being chased he runs into a busy street and gets hit by a car that sends him and all his body parts flying all over.
             -  The dogs grab all his parts like they're free bones, then they all run through the streets causing people to swerve and wreck.
             - They finally decide play time is over, and put all of MC Skel and his parts down onto a porch ,and leave.
             - He starts to pull himself together, but before he was done somebody opens the door.
             - He looks and is his friend.
             - Friends says, "So you made it, but what happened to you?"
             - MC Skel says, "I don't feel like talking about it."
             - He goes in, ITS PARTY TIME!!!

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