Saturday, February 16, 2013

Artist Lecture 1 - Blane de St. Croix

      Blane was a very energetic artist.  He had many images of his projects he had been apart of. He would sculpt landscapes in different areas of the world in a smaller form. One of the first projects he showed us was called "Broken Landscape," which is a huge installation showing the Mexican border from when it started. He likes to point out environmental and political issues that surround his pieces. In Eagle pass a border town I found it interesting that he said it has a fence that is 1.2 miles, and only 14 feet tall and it cost $12 million to have built. Blane believes that is a waist of money and could have been used for other things.

       The project above is a collage of non-existing mountains. Its called "Mountain Views," and is located in Long Island City, Queens. The mountains were meant to obstruct the skyline and to reclaim its spot. These no longer existing mountains were removed to make cities like New York. He wanted the mountains to reclaim their spot and sees it as a memorial for them, He brings up the issue with coal mining and mountain top removal. The piece is made from recycled foam, steel, wood, paint, dirt, concrete and stucco. In the near future Blane plans on his next project being in the arctic. He plans on studying the issues of global warming and implementing them in his works. 

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