Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Assignment 6 - Write-up

              For the 6th assignment I wanted to continue my works on my Pharaoh animations. My goal was to change it so that it looked better. I wanted to use sound, masks and a different replacement animation for the eyes of the Pharaoh seeing as they didn't really go well with the piece. I split the project up into 3 separate compositions. The first comp was edited for the introduction of the piece. The second one I focused on the main movements I wanted to achieve. The last comp involved the Pharaoh and all his body parts to expand off the comp. My intentions for this piece were to make the character more silly even though he thinks he isn't at times. I set it up as this whole little video would be episode 1 and the next comp I make will progress to episode 2 and so on. The only issue I ran across is trying to space the frames so that the piece wouldn't be too fast or slow at times.

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